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I want a long-acting reversible contraception (coil, implant, rod or injection)

Long Acting Reversible Contraception: Coil (Mirena/IUS/IUD), Implant (Rod/Nexplanon)

I want a coil or implant

You are able to book an initial telephone assessment for implant ('rod') and IUS ('Mirena')/IUD ('coil') fittings. During the telephone assessment, we will arrange an appointment for your procedure at one of our clinics, providing you meet the essential criteria.

A rod or coil can only be fitted if we can be sure that you are not pregnant or at risk* of becoming pregnant from recent sexual activity.

If there is any risk* that you may already be pregnant or at risk of pregnancy, we will not be able to go ahead with the insertion procedure. This will be checked with you during your pre-assessment consultation.

* The risk will depend on what method of contraception you are currently using and when you last had unprotected sex.

If you would like an appointment due to a problem with bleeding, menopause or other women's health problems, please click here.

Please note if you are 19 or under and would like to discuss contraception, you can make an appointment with our Clinical Nurse Specialist for Young People's Sexual Health in Hull or East Riding.

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