FREE & Confidential

I think I may be pregnant

If you think you may be pregnant, you need to do a pregnancy test. You can buy a test or they can be done on the spot confidentially and for free in any of our Sexual Health clinics or by our outreach workers.

If your period is every four weeks, do the test if you don't start your period on time. If your cycle is longer, do a test 3 weeks after the date you think you may have become pregnant.

If the test is negative: - and you are confident with this result, use precautions to prevent another scare. Please attend one of our walk in clinics as soon as possible.

If the test is positive: - the choice is yours about what you want to do next. To continue with the pregnancy, book in for care with your GP or midwife. If you would like counselling, support or other services, call us on (01482) 336377 for advice or an appointment.